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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

After successfully saving money please leave feedback below, or share new ideas to save.

(15 hours ago) Morgan said:
(19 hours ago) madhusudhanareddy chilipi said:
Would love 10-20% off coupon. Trying to get a Lawn Mover - madhuchilipi@gmail.com
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Could use a 10% coupon code for Lowes pktigerpl@gmail.com
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Need coupon for 10-20 percent. email vickeshppatel@gmail.com

(Yesterday) Dave said:
Would love 10-20% off coupon. Trying to get a mower. De_wallace@hotmail.com
(2 days ago) Amber said:
(2 days ago) Ryan said:
Rakuten not only has 1% casahback but also 25% off popular power tools.
(2 days ago) bob said:
lowes coupon please
(2 days ago) Nico said:
Hi is this still an active site for lowes discount codes?
(3 days ago) slick said:
lowes coupon please
(3 days ago) Andy said:
(3 days ago) Austin said:
(3 days ago) Alex said:
I also want to thank you guys. I learned about TopCashBack and Rakuten here about a year ago. I've received over $1000 in "kickbacks" from those two.
(3 days ago) Blake said:
(4 days ago) Dave said:
Don't miss out Rakuten gives 1% cashback on lowe's orders, plus a bonus $10 on your first order.
(4 days ago) SR said:
Need coupon to buy an air conditioner for hot Texas heat. Thank you. srivas2012@live.com
(4 days ago) SR said:
Need to buy an air conditioner from Lowes for hot Texas heat. srivas2012@live.com, thank you so much!!
(4 days ago) SR said:
Please post Lowes coupon.Need to buy an air conditioner for Texas heat. Thank you.
(4 days ago) LowesMagic said:
send some valid codes to spam@misstre.com, doesn't matter if they are used or not used as long as its currently valid. I'll make a generator to spit out more once I know the current format.
(4 days ago) Vis said:
Need 10% or more off coupon for Lowes website please vr_55@yahoo.com

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Need 10% or more off coupon for Lowes website please.. crab.dae@gmail.com
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Need a 10-20% lowes or HD coupon please and thank you! tkerestes918@gmail.com
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Need a 10-20% Lowe's coupon. Thanks for your help, royn101@yahoo.com
(6 days ago) Madison said:
(6 days ago) Tanya said:
Thanks for the tip. I joined TopCashBack and Rakuten and am racking up cash back.
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Was hoping to get a Lowe’s coupon please, krypton.lotus@gmail.com
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Would love 10-20% at Lowes. Need a utility trailer. tonysinkovich1@gmail.com
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Need a 10% Lowe's coupon please, David283@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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a 10% coupon would be great thanks azdragon12@gmail.com
(8 days ago) Katie said:
Thanks for the tip. I signed up for Rakuten to get a free $10 plus 1% on all lowe's orders.
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Would love a 10% or 15% for Lowes. Looking to buy a lawnmower. Any help would be greatly appreciated. mysnake100@hotmail.com
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Looking for HD 15% off online purchase mrpolly83@gmail.com
(9 days ago) Steve said:
(9 days ago) Ralph said:
Free $10? I'll take it!
(9 days ago) Jimmie said:
Yes. If you join Rakuten (using the special libk on this page), then when you spend $25 (for example at Lowe's) you will get a kickback check for $10. Its a 40% discount.
(9 days ago) Tammy said:
Is it true that Rakuten free $30 is back to free $10 ?
(10 days ago) Mitch said:
I think Rakuten just returned the sigup bonus to $10. I hope y'all got the $30 free money while it lasted! Thank, RenovoPower - I learned about it here, and got mine in time.
(10 days ago) Kenny said:
have a 10% off coupon
(10 days ago) Lance said:
a Lowe's code would be greatly appreciated, LanceLuther@hotmail.com

(10 days ago) Peter said:
For a limited time, Rakuten has 12% cashback on a whole bunch of stores, including Ace Hardware. Plus the $30 sigup bonus. Wow!!!!!
(11 days ago) GlobalEntry said:
Any 10% off Lowe’s coupon thanks! mailmepoojadomain@gmail.com
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need hd 15% off. help
(11 days ago) Ron said:
Hi, it would be great to have a 10% off coupon. Thanks! Ron@hcsdw.com
(11 days ago) Alex said:
Thanks for the heads up Ron. Got $15 + $30 = $45 cash kickback on my new Nikes. I love savings.
(11 days ago) Christian said:
(11 days ago) Ron said:
Now is the time to buy sneakers. Rakuten is giving 10% cash back on Nike and 13% cash back on Adidas. 7% on Speedo and 5% on Levis. Plus $30 signup bonus.
(11 days ago) Michael said:
I need a 10% off Lowe’s coupon, thanks. emada17@gmail.com
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I need $20 off $100 coupon. Please send it superlowes108@gmail.com thanks
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I need a 10% coupon. Thanks ssslick@outlook.com
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Looking for 20% off lowes coupon, thank you.
(12 days ago) Heather said:
Me, too. If Rakuten is giving away free $30.... Grab it, as it won't last!
(12 days ago) George said:
I'm not waiting for the "free $30" to end. I just signed up, and placed an order at Lowe's for $35
(12 days ago) Maria said:
Rakuten web site says "final days" for $30 increased bonus. Not sure when this will go back to $20 or $10, but sounds like "any day now".
(13 days ago) Kyle said:
Hurry and place $30 order through Rakuten to get your free $30 casback. It won't last and they'llgo back to $10 bonus instead.
(13 days ago) Carl said:
I think there are no coupons. But you can place your lowes order through Rakuten and get $30
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Please share a 10% or 20% off coupon for lowes. Thank you! omerfarid@gmail.com
(13 days ago) Mark said:
Any Lowes codes for a purchase of $596.00 - 10% or more? jmireservices@gmail.com
(13 days ago) Jeff said:
Why does the banner on the right say $10 bonus when we're all getting $30 bonus for joining Rakuten?
(13 days ago) Megan said:

(13 days ago) Julia said:
Just got my $30 for joining Rakuten and buying a $33 outdoor rounbd table (for drinks) at Lowes. So the table was just $3. T H A N K S !!!!!
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(14 days ago) Jimmie said:
Got my $30 from Rakuten. Money for nothing! Thanks!!!!!
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Any 10% or $20 code pleassssse? mache722@yahoo.com
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(14 days ago) Gino said:
Thanks for the education. Got my $30 check from Rakuten.
(14 days ago) Anon77 said:
10% off codes pls?
(14 days ago) Kevin said:
I must have gotten checks for over $500 over the years from Rakuten (which was called Ebates for most of those years.
(15 days ago) Jasmine said:
(15 days ago) Kevin said:
(15 days ago) Peter said:
(15 days ago) Brita said:
I want to thank you for teaching me about Rakuten and TopCashBack. I am getting my share of free money while it lasts. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!
(15 days ago) Van said:
Those are promotional "double cash back".
(15 days ago) Phil said:
I joined Rakuten, and they are bragging about 8% cashback at macys, 13% at Addidas, wow!
(16 days ago) Jerry said:
That is amazing. Free $30. As Mark Knofler would say: "Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free". How can Rakuten afford it?
(16 days ago) Van said:
Its a no brainer. You join Rakuten (for free, no credit card). Order something at Lowe's for $30. You get a $30 check from Rakuten. The lowe's purchase was FREE.
(16 days ago) Raki said:
anyone have a lowes coupon, please? kavala587@gmail.com
(16 days ago) Jenna said:
I will join both TopCashBack and Rakuten (since its free and no credit card required), and compare which gives a bigger kickback for every purchase. Thanks for the tip.
(16 days ago) Freddie said:
Yes, I get a check every 3 months from Rakuten which is kickbacks on all my on-line purchases. They also have "in store" kickbacks, but you have to register your credit card (so they know its you).
(17 days ago) Jane said:
I joined both TopCashBack and Rakuten. Every time I buy something, I check which of the 2 gives more kickback. Its an extra bonus to get $30 to join Rakuten. I only got $10 when I joined last year.

(17 days ago) Sergei said:
Morgan, I'm not sure if TopCashBack usually has higher cashback than Rakuten. Right now, they are both 1% for Lowe's. And they each have different weekly specials where some retailers can get 10%+
(17 days ago) Morgan said:
@Bob I've been using TopCashBack (usually they have the highest cashback rates). I will sign up for Rakuten, and tell you when I get their $30 signup bonus.
(17 days ago) Rick said:
ITs real Bobby Boy! You better get your $30 ASAP because it can return to $25 or $10. Its never been $30 before. Rakuten is aggressive for new customers now.
(17 days ago) Kelly said:
Hey Bobb, its true Rakuten has a good proposition - they get comissions from lowe's and will kick back half to us. Win Win. To get you to try, they will pay $30 cash.
(17 days ago) Bob said:
I don't believe you guys about free $30 from Rakuten. No free lunch!
(17 days ago) Kim said:
Yes, Jeff, I got $30 from Rakuten for signing up (free) and buying $50 worth of paint from Lowe's. Thanks!!!!!!!!
(18 days ago) Reed York said:
Local lonely single mom looking for fun if you can be kind to me. Email ryork3521@hotmail.com
(20 days ago) haiyang said:
lookging for 10 off 50, can some one share. thanks!
(21 days ago) Jeff said:
Yes, the graphic on the right is obsolete. Rakuten is giving $30 signup bonus these dyas, not $10. And they changed their name from Ebates to Rakuten.
(21 days ago) Dave said:
$30 cashback from Rakuten for buying $30 worth at lowe's is better than any coupon! Thanks!!!!
(21 days ago) Eric said:
(21 days ago) Niki said:
Thanks for the tip! I joined Rakuten. Actually I kind of didn't believe it, but now that I got my free money in the form of a check, I'm so happy I istened to you. $30 free money!!!
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Looking for a Lowe’s percent off or money off $100 or more purchase. Thank you! ijim28@yahoo.com
(21 days ago) John said:
Lowe's now pre-registers all promo codes. So asking for codes will not work because none of the generators work anymore. However, all of you providing your email provide an excellent opportunity. Spam
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(24 days ago) Coupon Queen said:
Is anyone actually receiving coupon codes?
(24 days ago) Freddy said:
To Anish and the others: This is a site for sharing savings ideas. Like coupons, Rakuten, TopCashBack, etc. Its not a dating site. Go somewhere else!
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(27 days ago) Thanh said:
Thanks for the advice. I joined rkuten, placed my first order at Lowes, and got $20 kickback from Rakuten. Cool!
(28 days ago) Wendy said:
It's true Rakuten gives 1 percent cashback on all lowes orders, but much bigger on other retailers. Thanks for the tip!
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PLZ SEND LOWES COUPONS TO ME. FANK YOU shopatweber@gmail.com
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@Kenny Don't forget the 1% cashback Rakuten gives on all Lowe's purchases.
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Rakuten has double cash back at macys (6%) Adidas (13%) Forever 21 (10%) Levis (5%) etc. this weekend!
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I've been using Rakuten for years. It used to be called Ebates. I never registered a credit card, and got kickbacks for all my on-line purchases. To also get in store, I'm willing to register it.
(30 days ago) Jeff said:
If you do register a credit card with Rakuten (and you don't have to for on-line purchase cash back) then you also get cash back in stores.
(30 days ago) Gina said:
No, I didn't know. I thought Rakuten only gives cash back for on-line purchases.
(30 days ago) Jeff said:
@Gina Did you know that now you can also get cash back on in-store purchases with Rakuten?
(30 days ago) Gina said:
Don't forget to sign up for Rakuten its 100% free (no credit card) and you will get free cashbacks on your purchases at hundreds of retailers.
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2% Cash Back at Lowe's
+ $10 bonus after first $25 order
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