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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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(19 hours ago) Hilton said:
Any of you morons know how to test these online? They wont work online but can still be checked that way. Just need to know how it's being done and we can all be back in business.
(Yesterday) Anonymous said:
Home Depot baby!
(Yesterday) Trump MAGA said:
You are truly a moron Charles!
(2 days ago) Charles said:
Trying desperately to get a 10% off for online for Lowes or Home Depot coupon or code. No luck after 2 hours. Willing to buy one send a link. Thanks C
(2 days ago) Sue said:
Just go to Home Depot. There's a Home Depot page on this site with $5 off coupon and links to special deals. Beats lowe's.
(2 days ago) Folks said:
Lowes still beats Home Depot for me...closer to my residence for same price
(2 days ago) hi said:
lowes no more
(2 days ago) Thomas said:
I'm done with Lowe's
(2 days ago) Ben said:
Menards is the best
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
"Folks said:
Lowes does price matching so they are not more expensive than Home Depot." So what's the point of going to Lowes in the first place. Just go to Home Depot. Why reward them for high prices
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
Yeah, I love Home Depot
(2 days ago) Jaimie said:
Screw them, go to Home Depot!
(2 days ago) Fed Up said:
Lowes no longer honors your 10% military discount unless the item is FULL price. Looks like my Lowes online purchases will go from 100% to about 0%. Also, any purchases after 90 days cantT be returned
(3 days ago) Folks said:
Lowes does price matching so they are not more expensive than Home Depot
(4 days ago) Anonymous said:
anyone know cheap site to get 30 off 50 ?
(4 days ago) Tran said:
Nguyen: joint Ebates and get an extra $10 kickback. Don't need any coupon for that. Its all free.
(4 days ago) Nguyen said:
Just go to Home Depot. Lowe's is making coupons too difficult these days
(4 days ago) Tham Ngoc Ly said:
Where can I get code? Nguyen, are you here?
(4 days ago) Dave said:
Lowe's is dead. Long live Home Depot!
(5 days ago) Joe said:
Yes, Home Depot is the place!

(5 days ago) Wess said:
Just go to Home Depot. Lowe's doesn't want our business anymore.
(5 days ago) SD said:
Need 10%, please help!
(5 days ago) a little help said:
10% promo code will be a big help...thanks
(5 days ago) Kitty said:
And don't forget to join Ebates (now called rakuten) for free money!
(5 days ago) Natalia said:
Home Depot, baby!
(6 days ago) NewHampshire said:
Hi everyone. I'm new here. Anyone have codes?
(6 days ago) NewHampshire said:
Apparently this site is a joke if someone else can use my same username and pretend to be me. Oh well. Just trying to save people money. Too bad there are so many jack asses here!

(6 days ago) Mike Stinklefinger said:
Need a code please!!!!!
(6 days ago) NewHampshire said:
Let's see how many of you morons fall for that! LOL too funny
(6 days ago) NewHampshire said:
I just bought a $30 of $50 coupon from a coupon site for $5. Didn't think it would work. I legit just got back from my local lowes store where I bought 9 bags of wood pellets and paid $2.19 per bag
(7 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Silver cloud that is FAKE NEWS!!! You must be a Dem
(7 days ago) 20 off 100 said:
(7 days ago) Silver cloud said:
As of October 1st, 2019, Lowe's is no longer accepting online coupon codes!!!
(7 days ago) Anonymous said:
I can share $20 off $100. Get on ur knees and swallow first!
(7 days ago) Anonymous said:
Home Depot baby!
(7 days ago) LOWES said:
Hi, Can somebody share $20 off $100?
(8 days ago) parviz_202@yahoo.com said:
I tried to lookup his whois and reach out to him to help him, but he is registered in panama. sitemaster, please reach out to me. I want to help
(8 days ago) parviz_202@yahoo.com said:
it is sad that a useful site like this goes down and people are not analyzing the problem and waste the site space for BS. maybe we should help this site owner. maybe financial help will help him.
(8 days ago) lowes said:
Lol, I just wanted to let you all know that at least at my store, we will not accept anything that is not a printed coupon from lowes, so y'all are just wasting your timer
(8 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Reports that codes no longer work is FAKE NEWS. Keep posting in order to keep these morons busy!

(9 days ago) Dwight said:
What's all this nonsense being posted here? Just go to Home Depot.
(9 days ago) Anonymous said:
Anarchy Rules!!!!
(9 days ago) Anonymous said:
research indicates 97% of posters on this site are lonely queers
(9 days ago) Anonymous said:
Morons are turning on each other Hahahahahahahahahaha
(10 days ago) @ Trump MAGA said:
hey Trump MAGA, how about Fuck you ! ?
(10 days ago) Done said:
Aww...did I strike a nerve. Not only did you jump to conclusions, but can not accept facts.
(11 days ago) KG said:
if anyone has code please share it
Thank You,
(11 days ago) Done's a DB said:
Aww, Done had no problem using codes, but it's everyone else who did's fault!
(12 days ago) Done said:
The codes are gone because they were abused. It became a secret to too many people. It always take a crowd to ruin everything.
(12 days ago) CODEMAKERLOL said:
Who needs a code?
(13 days ago) Ethan said:
You do know that this web site has a special page devoted to Home Depot, as well, right?
(13 days ago) Anonymous said:
Hello???? Help!!!! I needs to get me a darn code people!
(13 days ago) desperate. said:
never leaving website. need 10% for new oven.
(13 days ago) Billy said:
Someone seriously needs to post some codes again or I'll just leave this place!
(13 days ago) love lowes said:
Looking for 10% off please
(13 days ago) democrat said:
Can anybody help with a 10% off.
(13 days ago) CLINTON said:
Need 10% off. Buying new wash machine, Thank you
(13 days ago) Alisa said:
Need code for $10 of 50 please
(13 days ago) Anonymous said:
I'm waiting to see who the next moron to say something really f**king stupid in here. you'll are a begging piece of sh*t over years.
(13 days ago) guy said:
i just got a code to work! it was i<3homedepot

(14 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
I'm waiting to see who the next moron is that asks for a code. LMFAO!!!
(14 days ago) ALL said:
You can still use ebay in-store coupons, although I don't think they work on sale items. Lowes online business will drop and thus so will cash back sites. Oh well.
(14 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
I bet Steve will still get on his knees even though he now knows there are no more coupons. That's just the kind of gay he is!
(14 days ago) Whatever said:
I bought all kinds of crap at Lowe’s when they would send me coupons. Mostly stuff I didn’t even need. They are saving me money by banning coupons because I will only buy things I actually need.
(15 days ago) Joe said:
Confirmed by calling Lowes Corporate customer service, a bulletin issued 9/24/2019 has third party discount counts as void & not accepted online or in-store.
(15 days ago) Anonymous said:
I shopped at Lowes because of the coupons. I have never found them be straight up lower in price on anything. Now that coupons are gone, so am I
(15 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Steve, get on ur knees for a "juicy" coupon!!!
(16 days ago) Home Depot said:
(16 days ago) Home Depot said:
(16 days ago) Jared said:
I switched back to Home Depot
(16 days ago) Joe Blow said:
Coupon codes were the ONLY reason I shopped Lowes, besides some lumber, most all their items are more expensive than Menards, or even, (gasp) Ace Hardware. So long Lowes, I'll save eleswhere.
(16 days ago) home slice said:
i had a 10% lowes instore coupon. they would not accept it b/c item was on sale. so, i got a 15% h/d coupon. they did a pm, then reduced price 15%. did not scan coupon. told me use it for something
(16 days ago) Anonymous said:
Here Steve, this code is for you. It works after entering it 297 times. 471186969691128
(16 days ago) Anonymous said:
Hey Steve you MORON, there are no more valid codes. WTF don't you understand about that????
(16 days ago) Steve said:
$20 off $100 anyone?
(16 days ago) Karen said:
This website also has a Home Depot page with a $5 off coupon from Home Depot, and links to all kinds of savings and rEbates at Home Depot
(16 days ago) Please shut down this website said:
Since there is no more coupon code to be shared, I will no longer come to this website. No help.
(16 days ago) Booker said:
Screw lowe's, then. Back to Home Depot everyone!
(16 days ago) Anonymous said:
(17 days ago) Carolina said:
I'm back to Home Depot. More selection and, without lowe''s coupons, better prices

(17 days ago) ORC said:
Can anyone upload some good lowes coupons... thanks
(17 days ago) Johnny said:
Yup back to home depo it is. Prices are better there anyway
(17 days ago) Claire said:
$20 off $100 anyone?
(17 days ago) Mark said:
Lowes.com/rEbates rejected all my paint rEbates from July 4 and Labor day sale with reason that does not make sure. I will stop business with Lowes
(17 days ago) Home Depot is much better said:
I have been doing price match for Homedepot, Amazon, Bestbuy, Lowes, Walmart, abt.com, ACE Hardware, etc and Lowes is generally more expensive
(18 days ago) Freddie said:
Home Depot, baby!
(18 days ago) Mios said:
Agree, they are not having the best prices. I'll go to HD this morning
(18 days ago) Anonymous said:
Forget lowes. If they cut off coupons,I'm going back to Home Depot
(18 days ago) Kreation said:
Online code not working with Lowe's anymore.
(18 days ago) Cheap skate said:
Anyone have a 20 off $100? Willing to trade a $3 Amazon GC or possibly a s*ex act.
(18 days ago) jack said:
10 off or 10 off $50 please?
(19 days ago) David said:
Can anyone share a 10% off coupon, 20% would be better but beggars can't be choosy, lol
(19 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Why F-around with 10-20 off. Go for 100% off!!!! LMFAO
(19 days ago) Brent said:
SOlar panel coupon please?
(19 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Love those 100% off codes!!! Thanks for posting
(20 days ago) Allen said:
20 off 100 please
(20 days ago) john said:
$10 off on $50 please
(20 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
More 100% off Pls!!!
(20 days ago) Wilbur said:
I'm looking for a 10% off code
(20 days ago) Now what? said:
Buying in store = cash back sites lose business since the coupons are mostly in-store

(20 days ago) Now what? said:
What's the point of ordering online anymore for Lowes? Might as just go to the store now. Oh well
(20 days ago) amy said:
new codes please
(20 days ago) Bubbles said:
Any for 10% off today? I've been looking for 2 days with no luck :(((
(20 days ago) Lowes? said:
Did Lowes finally put a stop to the use of online coupons?
(20 days ago) Bubbles said:
Any for 10% off today? I've been looking for 2 days with no luck :(((
(20 days ago) Anonymous said:
Are all codes now in store only?
(20 days ago) 10% off needed for appliances. E said:
Please help
(20 days ago) Blankenship said:
Could I please get a 10% October coupon? Thanks!
(21 days ago) Mark said:
Anyone any codes for October?
(21 days ago) Anonymous said:
20 off 100 would be greatly appreciated!
(21 days ago) Shane said:
I need 10% off coupon for appliance purchase please. Thank you!
(21 days ago) Anonymous said:
Any new codes for October 2019? These are no longer working and I think they all expired on 9/30.
(21 days ago) LowesPowes said:
All coupons expired today. None are working online anymore.
(21 days ago) Anonymous said:
One time 10% off
One time 20 off 100
Search for us on facebook for more
(21 days ago) Anonymous said:
One time 10% off
One time 20 off 100
Search for us on facebook for more
(21 days ago) SAM said:
Need a 20 off coupon please
(22 days ago) FRESH $20 COUPONS said:
Fresh and tested $20 off $100 coupons!!

(22 days ago) FRESH + TESTED 10% COUPONS!! said:
Fresh tested 10%!!!

(22 days ago) Anonymous said:
any codes work anymore or is this done?
(22 days ago) YOU ARE LOSERS said:

(22 days ago) Please Post More 100% off!!!! said:
(22 days ago) Robert said:
(23 days ago) FRESH TESTED 10% said:
(23 days ago) Max's $25 off $250 promo codes said:
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(23 days ago) bluer.... bluer.... bluer.... said:
20 off 100??
(23 days ago) bill said:
(23 days ago) Re: Jeffrey said:
They were used quickly. Renovo site admin is a slacker - takes 5+ hours to approve posts!!
(23 days ago) sse4 said:
10off 50?
(23 days ago) 10% FRESH COUPONS said:
(23 days ago) Jeffrey said:
These 5 codes do not work on lowes.com
(23 days ago) Anonymous said:
I just used a 100% off. Thanks!!!!!
(23 days ago) Kimberly said:
(24 days ago) FRESH TESTED 10% COUPONS said:
(24 days ago) need coupon said:
any chance I could get a few 20 off 100?? buying $500 worth of product TIA
(24 days ago) Carter said:
I just switched to Home Depot
(24 days ago) Lowes said:
any more coupons?
(24 days ago) NAVEEN said:
Any 10% coupons
(25 days ago) Brian said:
(25 days ago) Anonymous said:
(25 days ago) Anonymous said:
Codes don't work anymore. Don't waste your time. Sad. Good while it lasted though!

(25 days ago) Nav said:
10% coupons please
(25 days ago) Nav said:
Any 10% coupons
(26 days ago) PF said:
Hoping you can assist me in getting a 10% off code for lowes. However any assistance or discount you could provide would be greatly appreciated
(26 days ago) 20 OFF 100 PLEASE said:
(26 days ago) Joe said:
20 off 100 please
(26 days ago) NEED COUPON said:
Can you please share a 10% coupon code?
(26 days ago) 123 said:
Anyone 10off50?
(26 days ago) Bob said:
(26 days ago) sam said:
Need 20 off 100 please
(26 days ago) Melanie said:
Any $20 off $100 coupons still work? Would anyone like to share?

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