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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

After successfully saving money please leave feedback below, or share new ideas to save.

(19 hours ago) BOZO the clown said:
As people have tried to point out, begging for codes on this site is a waste of time. Lowes.com no longer honors online codes. If you have a valid code, you can only use it in-store. Wake up people.
(19 hours ago) Raj said:
$ 20 off $ 100 Lowes codes please
(Yesterday) Sam said:
Has anyone received code to their email? I am looking for 10% sammico@outlook.com. How does this even work?
(2 days ago) Alex said:
Home Depot is better!
(2 days ago) Maxine said:
You're the fool
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
all of you people begging for codes are fools
(3 days ago) Sam said:
I have never got any one send me any codes. Does this even work requesting here 10% off, please sammico@outlook.com
(3 days ago) Anonymous said:
need 10% off or 20 off 100 coupons please
need 10% off or 20 off 100 coupon code please. jjon52018@gmail.com
(3 days ago) Sam said:
Please send me 20% off coupon on masterblastergatu@gmail.com thanks
(4 days ago) Anonymous said:
Any Home Depot codes? se.gordon72@gmail.com
(4 days ago) Sam said:
10% off, please sammico@outlook.com
(4 days ago) Lisa said:
Please email me 20 off 100. Thanks! Lisaziniti@yahoo.com
(4 days ago) Rick said:
Can I please have $10 off $50 Emailed to rinman@juno.com Thank You
(5 days ago) Timothy Baker said:
Can I please get a 20% coupon for delta table saws sent to timbaker2010@gmail.com thank you
(5 days ago) evan said:
need 10% off or 20 off 100 coupons please
need 10% off or 20 off 100 coupon code please. dealsforhome@gmail.com
(7 days ago) Anonymous said:
I need $10 0ff $50- flower4e2000@yahoo.com thank you
(8 days ago) Tommy said:
Please email a 10% off at fatjonb@hotmail.com
(8 days ago) Vlad said:
Please email me Lowes 10% vova_est@hotmail.com
(8 days ago) Anil said:
I've had it with lowes. I'm going back to Home Depot
(8 days ago) Neil said:
Please email me Lowes 10% of 20% coupon to 4303ha@gmail.com. Thanks!

(9 days ago) Gracy said:
TopCashBack is giving an extra $4 cashback this weekend for July 4th.
(9 days ago) Gordon said:
I prefer Home Depot
(9 days ago) AM said:
Need Lowe's coupon for 20 off 100. Please email anumit8484@gmail.com
(9 days ago) Al said:
Please email me lowes 10% coupon to h4yss@yahoo.com
(9 days ago) Gina said:
please email me lowes 10% coupon to kademxp428@wwmails.com
(9 days ago) Sean said:
Coupon Please sonple@yahoo.com
(9 days ago) Sean said:
Please need help. Need any coupon from Lowes sonple@yahoo.com
(9 days ago) Bbja said:
Xyz.trs@hmail.com: pls email me 20 off 100 Lowe’s online coupon
(9 days ago) Jason said:
Please email me lowes 10% coupon to boyinice@gmail.com
(10 days ago) sam said:
please email me lowes 10% coupon to sewolsewol@gmail.com
(10 days ago) Wo said:
Hi Ken, can you please send a 20% off 100 online coupon code to wongway08@gmail.com please thank you!!
(10 days ago) Ban said:
looking for a Lowe's 10% code banne999@hotmail.com Thanks
(10 days ago) Anonymous said:
please email me lowes 10% coupon to winson4evr@msn.com please thank you
(10 days ago) Mo said:
Please send coupon, need to buy $240 rug. $20 off 100 or 20% maureenh@cecact.org. Thanks
(11 days ago) Cafael Lasin said:
pls email any coupon: cafael_lasin@yahoo.com. Thx.
(11 days ago) Gin said:
Please email me lowes 10% off coupon bibeko5264@netmail9.com thank you all
(11 days ago) Alex said:
Please email me lowes 10% off coupon trsh555@yahoo.com Thank you
(11 days ago) John said:
Hi, may I have a 10% and $20 off of $100 coupon code to send to gq2530@gmail.com please thank you!!
(12 days ago) Ken said:
Leave me your email and your request. We will send all the coupons out.
(12 days ago) Lisa said:
Are there any 10% off coupons for Lowe's available? Thank you.. oceangater77@gmail.com

(13 days ago) Lowes Guys said:
Hi, may I have a 10% and $20 off of $100 coupon code to send to wongway08@gmail.com please thank you!!
(14 days ago) Doug said:
Looking for any coupon. Needing to buy landscaping blocks. Thanks in advance. Fresharkitektur@hotmail.com
(14 days ago) Tim said:
Could please let me know if there's 20% code, please email to abra_it@outlook.com? Thank you
(15 days ago) Danny said:
Can someone please help with Lowes code 10% off or 20% off code. Need to buy patio wall blocks email me danny_danny_1900@yahoo.com
(15 days ago) JJ said:
how do I get the coupon?
(15 days ago) Kayla said:
(16 days ago) Steven said:
TopCashBack has a special today: 20% kickback on Reebok 8% on Macy's, etc.
(16 days ago) Sam said:
How I get the promo code? I don't see anywhere on the website.
(17 days ago) mada said:
looking for lowes coupon
(19 days ago) Ron said:
They changed the formula
(19 days ago) mike mike said:
so i forget the formula is it the 5th \
or 6th number and the last?
(19 days ago) Natalie said:
We bought "Behr" wood stain/sealer at Home Depot. Lasts many, many years. About $20/gallon. Took 4 gallons for our cedar wood fence.
(19 days ago) Robbie said:
@Danny & Jeff: I checked my local Walmart and they were asking almost $40 for Thompson's seal & stain. Where did you guys buy ?
(19 days ago) Liz said:
@Vinod Before you buy those $200 Nikes... join Rakuten and get the same 8% kickback, plus another $10 signup bonus.
(19 days ago) Vinod said:
This TopCashBack is amazing. I found out I can get 8% cashback on nike shoes. Another $20 free money! Thanks again!
(19 days ago) kajurani said:
need lowes coupon 10% email on kajurani@yahoo.com
need 10% lowes coupon please email on kajurani@yahoo.com
(20 days ago) steve said:
10% codes please
(20 days ago) Vinod said:
Thanks Mark and Jordan! I'm joining TopCashBack now. My wife will be so happy with the new fridge. And I can put that $30 towards
(20 days ago) Jordan said:
Hey Vinod, you can also use TopCashBack to get 2% cash back at bestbuy. They have free delivery on fridges.
(20 days ago) Mark said:
@Vinod After about a month (to make sure you don't return what you bought at Lowes) you can chose to get an electronic deposit of the 2% kickback in your bank account, or a plastic cash card by mail

(20 days ago) Mark said:
@Vinod You need to signup for TopCashBack, which is free (and NO CREDIT CARD EVER REQUIRED), and instant. Then use their web site to go to Lowe's and complete your purchase as normal.
(20 days ago) Vinod said:
@mark I'm about to buy a new refrigerator for $1500. Wil I get $30 discount? What do I need to do?
(20 days ago) Mark said:
Newsflash: TopCashBack has resumed cash back on Lowe's on line purchases. 2% cashback on almost everything (tools just 1%) including appliances.
(20 days ago) Jeff said:
@Danny I bought Thompson's seal and stain at Walmart for under $20/gallon, with free delivery (if you buy 2 gallons or more) it is the best deal.
(20 days ago) Alex said:
Yeah, you don't need a discount code for Home Depot.
(20 days ago) TW said:
How to get a lowes discount code?
(20 days ago) Leo said:
Home Depot, baby!
(21 days ago) nvarchar said:
can you email me lowes $20 off 100 or 20% coupon on nvarchar@gmail.com thank you
(21 days ago) Danny said:
Any promo code for Lowes Stain and Sealer? Thanks
(21 days ago) Nani said:
Looking for Lowes $10 of $50
(21 days ago) $10 of $50 said:
$10 of $50
(22 days ago) $10 of $50 said:
$10 of $50. 470001225910162
(22 days ago) canman said:
Looking for Lowes discount code. Thanks
(22 days ago) JB said:
Looking for Lowe’s 20 off 100 or 10 off
(23 days ago) Alana said:
@Morgan its the same thing. Ebates got bought by Rakuten, so now they can be called either name. Same thing: Free Money!
(23 days ago) Morgan said:
@Alana What's the difference between Ebates and Rakuten ?
(23 days ago) Alana said:
Thanks, Jordan! I signed up to Rakuten Ebates, and got 4% kickback plus a $10 signup bonus for just $25 order at Macy's. COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!
(23 days ago) Jordan said:
I just found out that Ebates pays 1% cash kickback on all safeway on-line (delivery or pickup) orders. With the COVID situation, we're getting all our food and supplies there.
(23 days ago) Kyla said:
@Jonas I didn't get this email. So I guess its targeted?
(23 days ago) Jonas said:
I don't know if this "free money" promotion is directed just at me (as I haven't used TopCashBack in a while) or everyone. Anyone else get this?

(23 days ago) Jonas said:
Free Money Alert! TopCashBack just sent me this email: Stack the savings with a limited time cash back bonus! Get $3 extra cash back when you spend over $10, on one single transaction this weekend.
(23 days ago) Victoria said:
(23 days ago) Mo said:
Looking for Lowe’s 20 off 100 or 10 off
(24 days ago) frompok said:
10% off Lowes gsbn@hotmail.com
(24 days ago) Ollie said:
I agree. Home Depot is better
(25 days ago) Eric said:
Forget Lowes. Home Depot rules!
(25 days ago) Jose said:
And if making a large purchase, and using the 10 percent off, place your Lowe's order through TopCashBack for an additional 4 percent cash rebate for a total of 14 percent off or more.
(25 days ago) Jose said:
If you use have a small order, join Ebates and get another $10 off your order, for a total of over $25 or 40 percent off!!
(26 days ago) Brian said:
looking for 10% lowes coupon, please email luebri@yahoo.com. thank you!
(27 days ago) Chloe said:
Go to the Mortgage page and refinance your Mortgage at 2.5 and then thank RnovoPower!
(27 days ago) BOZO the clown said:
Hey Freddie, No offense taken. It just seems odd that the majority of postings on this "Lowes Promo Codes" page is from people looking for discount codes from Lowes.
(28 days ago) Freddie said:
By the way, I refer to you as "BOZO" because that's the name you posted by. It is not an intent to ridicule you. That is not my intention!
(28 days ago) Freddie said:
They also have pages for saving on Mortgage refinancing and auto/home insurance. It seems (from the amount of comments) that this Lowes page, and the Home Depot page are very popular.
(28 days ago) Freddie said:
Hey BOZO, The original intent of this website was obviously the promotion of renewable energy, particularly solar. They added pages to help people save money. This is one of them.
(28 days ago) BOZO the clown said:
Hey Kaila, glad you got your rebate check from Ebates. Hey Sergei, glad you were able to refinance your Mortgage. That was NOT the original intend of this website. It was designed to get Lowes codes.
(28 days ago) Tom said:
20% off please
(28 days ago) Tom said:
Where are the current codes posted?
(29 days ago) Kumar said:
can you email me lowes $20 coupon on kumarkeswanideals@gmail.com. thank you
(30 days ago) Anonymous said:
looking for 10% lowes coupon, please email shajanv@yahoo.com. thank you so much.
(30 days ago) Roman said:
Need lowes and homedepot coupon, thank

(30 days ago) sara said:
looking for a 10% coupon for lowes please and thank you fathers day / birthday / anniversary present in the works... sstyer2@gmail.com
(Last month) Sylvia said:
I need an air conditioner. Please any Lowe's coupon codes. Thank you.
(Last month) Jason said:
Refinance my Mortgage at 2.60% ? Wow!
(Last month) Jeri said:
I hate lowes. Home Depot is the best!
(Last month) Sergei said:
Just to let you know "bozo the clown", my wife and I refinaced our Mortgage and are saving over $500/month, thanks to the Mortgage page on this web site. So we're happy this web site exists.
(Last month) Kaila said:
@BOZO I found out about Ebates on this web site. Just got my $48 check from Ebates. FREE MONEY ! Thank you, Renovopower.com
(Last month) Redliw said:
any 50 off 250 coupons or % off? Thanks! redliw15@gmail.com
(Last month) jj said:
anyone have 10 or 20 off? Thanks please send to redliw15@gmail.com
(Last month) BOZO the clown said:
Not sure why this website exists anymore. It's just people begging for Lowes coupons they NEVER receive.
(Last month) Steve said:
Take advantage of record low Mortgage rates. Refinance using the Mortgage page
(Last month) Eth said:
Home Depot is the best
(Last month) msk said:
any % codes still going...
(Last month) Jeff said:
Need 10% code coitus@gmail.com
(Last month) Jeff said:
Need 10% code cocknpuss@gmail.com
(Last month) Jeff said:
Need 10% off - cummintwat@gmail.com
(Last month) Nit said:
Need a 10% or 20% off code.Thanks. nit2481@yahoo.com
(Last month) mike said:
need 10% or 20% off - vmoney007@gmail.com
(Last month) Mitesh said:
I found that Ebates doen't kickback for lowes and Home Depot anymore. Why join?
(Last month) Gary said:
Any coupons 20 off for 100 or 50 off for 250 please. gnguyen37@gmail.com Thx all.
(Last month) Gus said:
I'm too late for your code, CheezeIt. Gues I'm going back to Home Depot

(Last month) CheezeIt said:
I got an extra 10% off code. 471110836331163
(Last month) Chloe said:
Thanks for the tip. I joined Ebates and already qualified for the $10 signup bonus.
(Last month) Martin said:
$10 off $50, please? Thanks! mrbungle23@yahoo.com
(Last month) Tina said:
Thanks, Brad. I didn't know Ebates was free to join. Already got $25 cashback. Free money!!!!
(Last month) Brad said:
I love Ebates! Free to join, free cashback, free signup bonus!
(Last month) JB said:
Any $50 of $250? Thanks jtb288@gmail.com
(Last month) Sam said:
10% off please? schira2@yahoo.com
(Last month) Chris said:
any 50 off $250 codes?
(Last month) Ke Jan said:
Need 10% off coupon. Thank you. ke.jan@hotmail.com
(Last month) Anonymous said:
50 off 250 coupon please lkemplewis@live.com thanks
(Last month) Oklahoma Bubba said:
Here's a $50 off $250 code 471110976731168 first one to redeem it gets it
(Last month) Tim said:
Hello. I'd really appreciate a $50 off $250 or a 10% off coupon. nikwasi@gmail.com
(Last month) NUKE said:
Are Lowes mastercodes available anymore?
(Last month) Dave said:
Need 20% off coupon for Lows at dh4tm4n@gmail.com. Thanks!
(Last month) RVR said:
Need Lowes 10% coupon, can someone email me at syeraasye@gmail.com. Thank you!
(Last month) Joe said:
Anyone need a coupon. Email to HowDumbCanYouBe@DipSh1t.com
(Last month) Alex said:
need a coupon $5 of $25, or 10% off . Thank you. trsh555@yahoo.com
(Last month) Daniel said:
Need a Lowe's coupon code at unison18@gmail.com
(Last month) Daniel said:
need a Lowe's coupon at unison18@gmail.com
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Can anyone tell me what to do with extra coupons I received? Hate to waste them. Asked for one but rec'd three.

(Last month) BOZO said:
Not sure why this website exists anymore. It's just people begging for Lowes coupons.
Not sure why this website even exists anymore. It's turned into people begging forcoupons they never receive.
(Last month) Edgar said:
Need 20% coupon Camero.edgar@yahoo.com
(Last month) viren said:
Need urgent lowes coupen code at viren_l0443@yahoo.com
(Last month) viren said:
Need coupen uregent please.....
(Last month) Huey said:
Need 10%,15% or 20% off coupons Please. Huytuanlam@gmail.com Thank you!
(Last month) rahul said:
Need a Lowes a $20 off $100 or 20% off Coupon naveenperi78@gmail.com
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Could you please provide Lowes 20% 0r 10 %discount coupon. Thank ericluu9@yahoo.com
(Last month) Juan said:
Need 10% off Lowe's coupon at jmedina745@gmail.com. thanks
(Last month) ericluu9@yahoo.com said:
Need 20% of coupon or 10% code. thank you
(Last month) Lisa said:
Could you please provide Lowes 20% discount coupon. Thank you.. oceangater77@gmail.com

2% Cash Back at Lowe's
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