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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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(5 days ago) Beho said:
Any $10 of $50 available? Thanks in advance
(20 days ago) john said:
where is the gen that use to be here?
(20 days ago) Rj said:
10% Coupon codes please for lowes. Thanks
(22 days ago) Sean said:
(22 days ago) Sidney said:
Wow! I used the link here to open a free Rakuten account. Made a $30 purchase and getting $30 cash back from Rakuten. 100% off! Wow! Thanks!
(26 days ago) Jay said:
Can you please provide new coupon for $200 over purchase
(27 days ago) Aaron's $10 off $50 promo codes said:
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(Last month) George said:
@Tine Rakuten gives a bigger signup cash bonus.
(Last month) Tine said:
TopCashBack baby!!!
(Last month) Joey said:
Thanks. All this time I'm getting 0.5% on my savings. 1.9% is MUCH better, and it took me 2 minutes to move my money. FDIC insured, baby!
(Last month) Nicole said:
(Last month) Charles said:
(Last month) Vu said:
(Last month) Vu said:
Jennifer, I can see the link just above, but in case it doesn't show on your computer I will paste
(Last month) Jennifer said:
@Sven where do you see this link? We're only getting 0.9% at our credit union. We would LOVE to get 1.9% for some (liquid) and 2% for some (CD). Thanks.
(Last month) Sven said:
I used the link above, and now i'm getting 1.90% interest on my money, with full liquidity (can take it out if I find a better deal). I could get 2% if I commit to a term (CD), but I like liquid.
(Last month) Jaime said:
This web site rocks! I'm getting 2% cash rebate from lowes purchases plus signup bonus from TopCashBack. I just came for a $10 coupon, but already saved over $100. Cool!!!!
(Last month) Jeff said:
TopCashBack is now giving 2% cash rebate on Lowe's purchases of appliances, tools. EVERYTHING else is 1.75% CASH REBATE! Go TopCashBack !
(Last month) Lani said:
Their CD is 2%, but I opened a "Savings Connect" account to keep my money liquid, and am getting 1.9%. So Craig is not making the rate up. Just use the link above.
(2 months ago) Ed said:
1.9% liquid interest? I don't believe it.

(2 months ago) Craig said:
Wow! I used the link above and now I'm earning 1.9% in my new savings account. My cash is liquid.
(2 months ago) Jeremy said:
(2 months ago) VK said:
can someone send me Lowes coupon code for online purchase? vkauto6@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Jim said:
@Jenny thanks! I didn't see the link above until you mentioned it. I'm now getting 1.30% interest on my new money market account. You can get 2% on a CD but I wanted to keep my money liquid.
(2 months ago) Casey said:
any Lowes coupons today?
(2 months ago) Jenny said:
Wow! I didn't know I could get 1.8% interest on my money. Until I saw the link above, I was only getting 0.9%. I was losing money every day until I came to this web site. Thanks!
(2 months ago) Jeff said:
(2 months ago) Joe said:
TopCashBack is literally free money. I wish I had joined years ago. I'm getting cash rEbates back on my purchases at Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Thanks!
(2 months ago) Kevin said:
(3 months ago) Bob said:
Any lowes coupon codes today
(3 months ago) Al said:
@Bob I think nowadays instead of chasing promo codes, we just use Rakuten or TopCashBack to get cash back rEbates.
(3 months ago) Bob said:
Any Lowes coupon codes for today?
(3 months ago) Debbie said:
Yes, thanks for telling us about cashback sites like Rakuten & TopCashBack
(3 months ago) Jordan said:
(3 months ago) May said:
Please email any Home Depot / Lowes coupons - meimei8279@hotmail.com
(3 months ago) Maria said:
(3 months ago) Brian said:
(3 months ago) PremiumPromoCodes.com said:
Courtesy of PremiumPromoCodes.com. Lowes and Home Depot Coupons Available today!

Lowes $5 off $50
(3 months ago) Ian said:
So nice. Thanks!
(3 months ago) Jesse said:

(3 months ago) Tiffany said:
(3 months ago) Julia said:
Yeah, thanks! I never would have heard of TopCashBack and Rakuten without you. Think of all the cash back I was missing until I came here!!
(3 months ago) Nancy said:
(3 months ago) Michelle said:
Me, too, Kim. Getting kickbacks on my Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. purchases by signing up (for free) at Rakuten cash back. THANKS!!!
(3 months ago) Kim said:
Came here for coupons, learned about Rakuten and TopCashBack. Got signup bonus (free cash!) and getting kickbacks on purchases not just at lowes and Home Depot, but almost everywhere. Thanks!
(3 months ago) Jordan said:
(3 months ago) Taylor said:
Got my cashback from Rakuten for my Lowes order. Thanks, RenovoPower!!!!!
(3 months ago) Kumar said:
(3 months ago) Brandon said:
To "Let's Go Brandon": Might as well sign up for TopCashBack, too. They also have a signup bonus like Rakuten. And you never know which of them will have a bigger rebate when you buy a fridge :)
(3 months ago) Let's Go Brandon said:
now I will be getting a check for $30 from Rakuten. I still keep thinking "I'll believe it when I see it", because it IS free money!
(3 months ago) Let's Go Brandon said:
I saw your post and said to myself, must be a scam, no such thing as free money. But they don't ask for a credit card, I don't see how it can hurt me, so I signed up. I bought a new drill for $40 and
(3 months ago) Jonny Abs said:
To follow up, the answer is yes. I bought one online for $2.69 and it worked in store. I printed it out and it looked pretty legit.
(3 months ago) JonnyAbs said:
Do 10% coupons still exist for Lowes? Something to use for say a refrigerator or appliances?
(4 months ago) Brandon said:
Yeah, thanks, I never heard of Rakuten and TopCashBack until I came here. Now I got $50 free cash for signing up (free) and getting cash kickbacks on all my online purchases almost everywhere!
(4 months ago) Jeremy said:
(4 months ago) Blake said:
(4 months ago) Christopher said:
(4 months ago) Ed said:
Wow! I scored a free $30 cash bonus for joining Rakuten. And cash kickbacks on Lowes purchases for life! THANKS!!!!
(4 months ago) John boy said:
Need 10% off code for lowes plz
(4 months ago) Joanna said:
Thanks. Without this web site I never would have heard of Rakuten. Free money. Thanks again!!

(4 months ago) Anna said:
(4 months ago) Ed said:
Me, too. Got free signup bonuses from both TopCashBack and Rakuten, and hundreds of dollars in extra cashback. Thank you, RenovoPower!
(4 months ago) Seema said:
What a cool site. I've gotten free money from Rakuten and TopCashBack. THANKS!!!
(4 months ago) Alyssa said:
(4 months ago) Jack said:
There is a promotion at TopCashBack now with up to 20% cash back on Lowe's purchases.
(4 months ago) Rob said:
Any chance of getting a 10% off code we need to get a new washer/dryer set Thanks in advance
(5 months ago) Cameron said:
(5 months ago) Jake said:
Rakuten signups bonus is now 40$. That's on top of the Lowes kickbacks! Signups now for free before it goes back to 25$
(5 months ago) Brian said:
(5 months ago) Helen said:
(5 months ago) Mat said:
Thanks for the tips. I joined both Rakuten and TopCashBack.
(5 months ago) Jack said:
I love TopCashBack. Highest kickbacks. And when I chose a prepaid Visa instead of cash, I get an extra 5 percent.
(5 months ago) Cat said:
Its free to join. No obligation. You don't need to give a credit card or anything except an address where to mail the checks.
(5 months ago) Lee said:
Thanks Cat. Does it cost anything, or any obligation to join these cashback rebate sites?
(5 months ago) Cat said:
For each (significant) purchase, check which one of them gives a bigger cash rebate. Meanwhile, join both to get the signup cash bonus so you're ready to do your orders through Rakuten or TopCashBack
(5 months ago) Lee said:
Rakuten or TopCashBack Which is better ?
(5 months ago) Chuck said:
lowes 10 OR 20% coupon??
Lowes 10% or 20% coupon??
(6 months ago) Kate said:
(6 months ago) Eric said:
(6 months ago) Takeshi said:
Yes, thanks for introducing us to TopCashBack !

(6 months ago) Chen said:
TopCashBack rocks! Free money! thanks, Renovopowr!
(6 months ago) lakshmi said:
lowes 10% coupon
can i get lowes 10% coupon code?
(6 months ago) Christina said:
Can you please provide 20% codes. thanks
(6 months ago) Kira said:
So cool. Nothing like getting free money. I used my $30 Rakuten signup bonus to buy new shoes. T H A N K S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(6 months ago) Jake said:
Coupons are nice, but Rakuten $35 free sigup cash is amazing!
(6 months ago) Steve said:
(6 months ago) Rick said:
(6 months ago) Ray said:
I found that after the signup bonuses, I'm getting more from TopCashBack than from Rakuten. But I also want to thank renovoPower.com for bringing these cashback sites to my attention.
(6 months ago) Will said:
I don't know how they do it, but I keep getting those cash kickbacks from Rakuten. Makes my purchases more affordable. Thanks, Renovo!
(6 months ago) Neil said:
(6 months ago) Nate Banks said:
Need coupons for a big HOME IMPROVEMENT project. PLEASE SEND ASAP TO natebanks78@gmail.com
(6 months ago) Joe said:
I'm getting my Rakuten free $30 before they change their mind!
(6 months ago) Tina said:
Who cares how they afford it. All I know is I got my $30 and still getting 2% all the time.
(6 months ago) Joel said:
Rakuten gets big kickbacks from Lowes and Home Depot, or wherever you shop through them. Its called a "referral fee". They share these with us as an incentive to use their site as a "referrer".
(6 months ago) Chloe said:
How can Rakuten afford to give us all so much free money?
(6 months ago) Gino said:
Got my $30 free signup bonus cash from Rakuten. I bought a Riobi orbital sander from Lowes for $35, and with the Rakuten cash back it only cost me $5. THANKS Re novoPower!!!!!!!!!
(6 months ago) CB said:
anyone have any good Lowes promo codes?
Needing a lowes promo code please
(6 months ago) Chris said:
Any coupons for Lowes??? Please anything helps.
(6 months ago) Jean said:
The "free money" signup bonus at Rakuten is now $30. Amazing. Who said there is no free lunch?
(7 months ago) Cody said:

(7 months ago) Connor said:
Yes! Got my bonus cash from Rakuten! Thanks!!!
(7 months ago) James said:
I know coupons are tough to come by these days. But I'm saving lots of $$$ using Rakuten and TopCashBack. So thanks!!!!!
(7 months ago) Dmitriy said:
Please Any 20% or 10% coupons? dimkadvp@hotmail.com
(8 months ago) Mike Lucarelli said:
(8 months ago) Jake said:
TopCashBack is now giving 2% cashback on Lowes purchases!
(8 months ago) PremiumPromoCodes.com said:
Courtesy of PremiumPromoCodes.com. Lowes and Home Depot Coupons Available today!

Lowes $5 off $50
(9 months ago) Bart Drew said:
Plz send Lowes coupons to me. Gay guys only please. bartdrew40@gmail.com
(9 months ago) Aaron said:
Joined, secured my cashback and bonus. Thank you Jeff for telling me about Rakuten!
(9 months ago) Salma said:
3% is great, plus a one time $30 bonus! Wow. Do I have to get my lowes order today, or is it permanent?
(9 months ago) Jeff said:
Rakuten is now giving 3% cashback on ALL lowes orders. I don't know if its the permanent rate or just a temporary promotion.
(9 months ago) Danny said:
Anybody have a 20% or 10% lowes coupon?
(10 months ago) Emily said:
(10 months ago) George said:
For purchases at Home Dept, Rakuten gives zero, while TopCashBack gives a minimum of 1%, with some categories as high as 8%
(10 months ago) Lisa said:
So it looks like Rakuten is better for cashback than TopCashBack?
(10 months ago) Ryan said:
Right now, for Lowe's purchases, Rakuten is giving at least 2% (with some items more) while TopCashBack is giving at least 1% (with some items more).
(10 months ago) Mike said:
Its a "no brainer", just join both TopCashBack and Rakuten. I also didn't believe it at first, but Its literally free money. Only in America!
(10 months ago) Paula said:
(continued) and I got $10 signup bonus from TopCashBack. Now I use the one with the higher cashback for each purchase.
(10 months ago) Paula said:
I joined both Rakuten and TopCashBack. Its 100% free, no credit card required. I got the $30 signup cash from Rakuten
(10 months ago) George said:
@Ned Rakuten gives a free $30 signup bonus. but TopCashBack usually has higher percentage cashback on online purchases.
(10 months ago) Ned said:
Correction: the signup bonus at Rakuten is $30. I wrote $40. But its still FREE MONEY !!!

(10 months ago) Ned said:
Rakuten is giving between 2 to 5 percent cashback (depending on category) on Lowe's purchases, plus a $40 signup bonus, so join Rakuten now!
(10 months ago) Georgia said:
Sam - You have to be the first one to use a code. Each code is good for one use.
(10 months ago) Sam said:
Hi PremiumPromoCodes, I have been trying all your codes unfortunately none of them have worked, could you please she additional codes that work
(10 months ago) PremiumPromoCodes.com said:
Courtesy of premiumpromocodes.com. Up to 20% off coupons available. Instant Delivery

$20 off $100
(10 months ago) Jean Luk said:
(11 months ago) Ron said:
Maybe 10% coupons are scarce now, but Rakuten is giving a $40 cash back on $40 lowes purchases. That's 100% !!!
(12 months ago) Aaaron said:
I could use a 100% off coupon please, thisisdumb@yahoo.com
(12 months ago) Mike said:
Nothing works anymore no more codes
(12 months ago) Lumi said:
Please any 20% off
(12 months ago) junk website there are no coded said:
no coded anymore and where is the generater!!!
(12 months ago) chivis said:
Can someone send me the 20% code for lowes please chivis92507@hotmail.com
(12 months ago) Anonymous said:
Need a 20% off code kylerooks12@yahoo.com
(12 months ago) Kyle said:
Anyone have any 20% Lowes
(12 months ago) Jason Randall said:
Can someone send me a free truck delivery at Jas81rans@icloud.com
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Need a 20% coupon. cdr164@yahoo.com
(12 months ago) premiumpromocodes.com said:
Courtesy of premiumpromocodes.com. Up to 20% off coupons available. Instant Delivery

$20 off $100
(12 months ago) Anonymous said:
Need 20% or 10% coupon for appliance purchase ... scorpion@goowy.com
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Lowes 10% coupon code needed. avbar@yahoo.com
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Need Lowes 20%/10% or $20 off $100 coupon. Please email arun_ltitl@yahoo.com
(12 months ago) Matt said:
I could use a 10% off coupon emailed to decturkey@yahoo.com please

(12 months ago) Sam said:
Any 20% off coupon code for Lowes
(12 months ago) Anna said:
TopCashBack is giving 10% cashback at Macy's in the next 14 hours. Not much time, but you can instantly join TopCashBack and place macy's orders/
(12 months ago) M said:
Buying$800 lawn mower, could use a promo code. Help. Thanks. mt.empty@yahoo.com
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Need some $20 lowes coupon, please. haianh78@yahoo.com
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Hi Can someone send me 20% off 20$ off of 100$ Lowe code on odabea@aol.com. Thanks in advance.
(12 months ago) Marjan said:
Lowes promo please ASAP
(12 months ago) John said:
anybody has a 10% code for Lower? would greatly appreciate it. Moviegal22@hotmail.com
(12 months ago) Ubereats said:
25 off 30 or 20 off 25 with code: eats-nelsons23z1ue
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Hi Can someone send me 20% off (or 20$ off of 100$ Lowea code on raddimails@yahoo.com . Thanks in advance.
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Could someone please email me a 10% off Lowes coupon code to maejestra@gmail.com

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