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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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(2 days ago) Nicole said:
Hello....are there any more $100 off $600 coupons anymore?? Or 20% off...or even 10% off coupons?? I'm at websterrepairshop@gmail.com
Thank you!!
(2 days ago) Rebecca Hines said:
Coupon for $399 purchase?
(2 days ago) Juan Diaz said:
Do anybody had a Lowe’s 10 off 50 Coupon to share I will appreciate thank you email d1az0313@hotmail.com
(3 days ago) Jessica Bowie said:
I would love a 10% if anyone has a spare!!! Thanks in advanced Jess.bowie@aol.com
(3 days ago) Scott said:
I need a Lowe's 10% off coupon code if you can: scovar2@hotmail.com
(3 days ago) JR said:
Lowe's 10% off code, please. TIA! Unl67volvo@yahoo.com
(4 days ago) Anonymous said:
Lowe's 10% off please jhoop31@aol.com
(4 days ago) Jen said:
Could I have a 10% off Lowe's coupon please asilberz01@northshore.edu Thankyou
(4 days ago) austin said:
10% or 20% off code please. thanks freakarmen@gmail.com
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for a lowe's coupon code: coolgchat@gmail.com
(5 days ago) Johnny said:
Up to 40% Off ⭐ PRESIDENTS' DAY SAVINGS ⭐ at Home Depot
(6 days ago) Rick said:
What's all the fuss? Just go to Home Depot
(7 days ago) Jim said:
10% code please and thanks
(7 days ago) Kylie said:
Ebates (Rakuten) has triple cash back on this 3 day weekend. I just saved $600. The more expensive the store, the bigger the cashback.
(8 days ago) Lisa said:
What happened to the coupon?
(9 days ago) igor said:
20 off 100 coupon anyone?
(9 days ago) igor said:
20 off 100 coupon anyone?
(9 days ago) Jason said:
Hello, Please email me any 10% off coupon. We are buying major appliances, and the discount really needed. Thanks in advance! My email is cwatjb@gmail.com. Thanks.
(10 days ago) Derek said:
Any 10% or more off coupons codes someone can send me? We are remodeling our kitchen and anything would help us out. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help out. wil5235@outlook.com
(11 days ago) Jeff said:
or better yet - go back to Home Depot

(11 days ago) Anonymous said:
10% or 20% of coupon would be appreciated. Please and Thank you! lorieh@gmail.com
(11 days ago) Psst said:
Online codes ended like 4 months ago. Either pay regular price or crawl back under your rock
(12 days ago) Kim said:
Any 10% or better coupon would be very much appreciated! Please & thank you! tojameskim@hotmail.com
(12 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for a $20 off $50 Thanks!
(12 days ago) 10% code please and thanks. said:
10% code please and thanks
(13 days ago) Anonymous said:
need 10% lowes coupon please -- roosh069@hotmail.com
(13 days ago) rushi said:
looking for 10% lowes coupon for lawn mower -- roosh069@hotmail.com
(13 days ago) Anonymous said:
Maria, you need to pay for them in advance. Just get on ur knees and then swallow
(14 days ago) Blah said:
Need a 100% off with $300 cash back coupon code please Lowes or HD blah@gmail.com
(14 days ago) Kelly said:
Is anyone finding Lowe's promo codes? purple726@cfl.rr.com
(15 days ago) Kyle said:
Me, too, jeff. Home Depot is the place the pros go to
(15 days ago) Jeff said:
Since Lowe's has turned their back on us, I'm going back to Home Depot!
(15 days ago) Maria said:
looking for $30 for $50 coupons will pay for them mdercolo@yahoo.com
(16 days ago) Subrato said:
Looking for a Lowes 20% coupon. Appreciate whoever can forward it to phsubrato@gmail.com
(16 days ago) Dee said:
Any Lowe's 10% or 20% off coupons, please email at sagiap@yahoo.com
(16 days ago) Amanda said:
Anyone have a lowes or Home Depot coupon code? Trying to get a little off a bed I'm buying for my son so any little bit will help. Please send to arksendeavors@gmail.com
(17 days ago) Shaun said:
anyone have a Lowes coupon code?
(17 days ago) Shaun said:
Hi, Someone please send me all available Lowe's or Home Depot coupon to stop30@hotmail.com
(17 days ago) Pussy moderator said:
Hey moderator creator of this site, you and your site are wack. fvck you
(17 days ago) Barry said:
Phani, sorry, can't help you out, I only have 30 off 48 Lowes. If you find two from someone else, then let me know and you can have my 48.

(18 days ago) Steve J said:
stephanie, I sent you my 20% off code. I hope you received and got that new hammer drill you were looking for! Keep up the great work.. you deserve it!
(18 days ago) couponsbegone said:
Looks like the good ole days of Lowe's coupons codes are gone. Yet here we are....we are all here digging for gold still.
(18 days ago) Phani Uppalapati said:
Looking for 30 off 50 Lowes. Please email me at kishoreup@yahoo.com
(18 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for any coupons for Viagra. Need it soon. I might get lucky!!!!
(20 days ago) Barney said:
Keep looking Jim
(21 days ago) Jim said:
Looking fo 10% off
(22 days ago) csc said:
Looking for 10% off coupon for homedepot. please send me at cscu129@gmail.com
(22 days ago) Donna said:
$10 off 50 or 10% off coupon would be greatly appreciated! penniedo@gmail.com
(23 days ago) John said:
Hello good people out there. Looking for a Lowe's code to buy a $300 water heater, anyone send me a 10% off? jdchristman at gmail.com
(24 days ago) Joe said:
Where are the codes?
(25 days ago) stephanie said:
Anyone have any promo codes to share? Please send to stephanie29365@gmail.com Thanks.
(25 days ago) stephanie davis said:
Anyone have any promo codes to share? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
(25 days ago) Steve Martin said:
Looking for coupons. 100% off will suffice.
(25 days ago) Brian Scalabrini said:
Any time Brad. Always happy to help a brother out!! Nobody should ever pay retail prices!!
(25 days ago) Brad B said:
Brian, thanks for the codes! I used one of them to save almost $500 on a kitchen renovation! So glad I found this site!
(26 days ago) Pd said:
10 off 50 or 10% off coupon greatly appreciated
(26 days ago) Tom said:
Hello a 20% or 10% would be very much appreciated. I have a $1000 fridge to buy. Thanks! Thomastrain@yahoo.com
(27 days ago) Melissa said:
Need a 20% or 10% coupon please mburnett130 @yahoo.com
(28 days ago) Qpon said:
Send me a god damn coupon to hasan11559@yahoo.com

Sooner rather than later jerks!!
(28 days ago) Anonymous said:
100% off anyone?

(30 days ago) David said:
20 off 100 coupon anyone?
(Last month) Danielle Leston said:
Looking to buy fridge. Any coupon code would be greatly appreciated ty
(Last month) vkk said:
If anyone has an coupon can you send me one to vamsi543@gmail.com?
(Last month) Matt D said:
Can anyone send me a 10% off coupon. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! decturkey@yahoo.com
(Last month) Jeff said:
Can someone give me $100 $20 off tanjeffrey79@comcast.net thank you
(Last month) Peter said:
My pito hurts
(Last month) ana said:
Hello can someone give me code
(Last month) Alex said:
I'm going back to Home Depot
(Last month) Hahahahahahaha said:
Y'know, I was only buying stuff at Lowe's because of this coupon site. Most of their inventory is priced 8 to 15% higher than Home Depot. Some of it is almost double.
(Last month) Hahahahahahaha said:
But with a coupon I'd shop there anyway because Lowe's is about 5 miles closer to me.
(Last month) Hahahahahahaha said:
Well, since Lowe's has decided to get greedy, I think I'll be taking that 5 mile ride if I need anything more than a box of screws.
(Last month) Hahahahahahaha said:
You know, because all anyone ever gets from Lowe's without a coupon is SCREWED.
(Last month) Anonymous said:
anyone has a 70% coupon
(Last month) Anonymous said:
anyone has a 50% coupon
0% coupon
(Last month) Anonymous said:
anyone has a 40% coupon
(Last month) tom said:
anyone has 10% coupon
(Last month) Tucker said:
I've had it. Going back to Home Depot
(Last month) Otto said:
there is always Ebates for saving money
(Last month) Peta said:
Please send me code. I will suck you off. hasan11559@yahoo.com
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Please send me 10% coupon: bernytest@yahoo.com

(Last month) Cupon said:
Please send me some. I'll even pay. hasan11559@yahoo.com
(Last month) Anonymous said:
A more important question....Is Jimmy a moron?? Sorry, that was a stupid question
(Last month) Jimmy said:
Are the Lowe’s codes dead now?
(2 months ago) anonymous said:
need a 10% lowes coupon...please e-mail me at rajeshnv@yahoo.com
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Need a 10% lowes coupon please e-mail to rajeshnv@yahoo.com
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
ImTrying.....Yes. Stick them in ur butt all at once. Any bad codes will discharge. Only use the remaining good codes. Your welcome!
(2 months ago) ImTrying said:
Ok I have a decent idea as to what some of the newer code digits are I just need a way to try like 1000 codes at once. Any ideas?
(2 months ago) Really?!? said:
Nobody wants to post coupons on this site anymore. People beg for coupons but they are not emailed. Buy them off ebay or 3rd parties. Thats going to be the only way to guarantee you get a coupon.
(2 months ago) Lowes-Leecher said:
@kmf186@gmail.com - how about a 100% off, that should work for ya
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Would appreciate a 50% off code please! Email: kmf186@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Kristen said:
Would appreciate a 10% off code please! Email: kmf186@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Lowes Free shipping coupons please
(2 months ago) lovecoupon said:
Need a 10% off online coupon, please email to: jackychou123@gmail.com Many many thanks
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
"Lowes online Codes", you forget, these people are MORONS!!!!!! LOLosers
(2 months ago) Lowes online Codes said:
....ended OCTOBER 1 2019. Get it through your thick skulls. Ebay as in-store only
(2 months ago) miibi said:
Can we get some 20$ off 100 coupons??
(2 months ago) Trump MAGA said:
Low life scum still show up begging for $1 coupons. Great to see. LMFAO!!!!!
(2 months ago) Genius said:
(2 months ago) Metzger said:
Why this page be loaded with Rednecks and Arabs?
(2 months ago) vik said:
need 30 off 50 coupon. email vkauto6@gmail.com

(2 months ago) Billy Bob said:
I'm willing to pay for one of those $30 off...Where do I send payment???
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
No codes anymore?
(2 months ago) Paul said:
Any 20% 0r $20 off Lowes, Thanks!
(2 months ago) helping out said:
Lowe's 30 off 50 selling for $3.50
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Everyone email Poulosj67@gmail.com and tell him what a stupid douche he is!!! LMFAO
(2 months ago) Kilroy said:
I was here...it sucked.
(2 months ago) John said:
Poulosj67@gmail.com for 20 off 100 or 10 off 50 need 2 please
(2 months ago) Kool Moe Dee said:
Where's all da white women at?
(2 months ago) Billy Martin said:
Need 10% off tampon please!!!!
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
100% off?
(2 months ago) Bill said:
50 off?
(2 months ago) Jack Mihoffman said:
Does anyone have 10% online code for lowes?
(2 months ago) lomss said:
Do anyone have 10% online code for lowes? Need to buy a snowblower, thank a lot. lomsslomss@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Mary said:
Merry Xmas, everyone (Republicans and Democrats)!
(2 months ago) URGENT MATTER said:
Can someone send me coupon for $50 OFF $5 purchase. I need go buy some stuff at Home Depot.....
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Erik must be an idiot!!!! LMFAO
(2 months ago) Erik said:
Any Lowes 20 off 100 cupons?
(2 months ago) BC said:
Used this site many times. Sad to see it go away. Thanks to the site owner, it was fun while it lasted.
(2 months ago) Kim said:
@Tarik what is Ebates?
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
So if lowe's coupons start again, you want this site to be gone? Get out of here! We all love this site!

(2 months ago) Tarik said:
@giorgos You're the bad. This site is cool. Saved me thousands, and I'm still saving with Ebates.
(2 months ago) giorgos said:
Why doesn't the owner of this site put a message about Lowe's codes are no longer available? This is a bad site, period!
(2 months ago) Jeff said:
Lowe's turned their back to us.... I'm going to Home Depot!
(2 months ago) Geo said:
Willing to help you out with your Christmas cash! Kitchen remodel. flyboygeo@gmail.com Thanks.
(2 months ago) Brian Scalabrini's mom said:
Brian! You better finish your homework and go to bed!
(2 months ago) Brian Scalabrini said:
I'd be willing to sell you 7 algorithms and I guarantee your satisfaction. If you're not happy with the algorithms I'll throw in the 8th algorithm for free. That's me from A to B...
(2 months ago) G Thang said:
Damn ... Without this site im MELTING .. Long lIVE THE COUPONS
(2 months ago) Will pay for algorithm said:
(2 months ago) Brian Scalabrini said:
I'm selling the algorithm. Not sharing it for free. I need Christmas cash!
(2 months ago) Sandy said:
Any codes for Lowes? Thanks in advance.
Any coupon codes for Lowes? Thanks in advance.
(2 months ago) ox said:
I have the algorithm for $50
(2 months ago) Doomed USA said:
Great, now I have to read Trump bullshit even on a coupon site? Get a life, assholes.
(2 months ago) US Tax Payer said:
I see some welfare sponge rambling on about President Trump MAGA to you buttercup.
(2 months ago) Realize it's a lie said:
...Brain stated he had cracked the new algorithm. For example: where's New Hamphire's request asking it to be shared with him? Only his posting thanking Brian is up.
(2 months ago) Realize it's a lie said:
I have no idea why some of you are asking Brian to share his algorithm system with you. It's a lie. Those who are thanking him for sharing it with them never actually posted their request after
(2 months ago) to Lowes employee said:
Lowes discontinued online discount coupon effective 10/1/2019, not 1/1/2020.
(2 months ago) Gina said:
I'd appreciate a code or the algorithm. I won't share it as I have no one to share it with lol. sarrisamk@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Lowe’s Employee said:
Lowe’s is discontinuing online discounts effective 1/1/20. Physical coupons will be honored in store only and must be surrendered. The reason we were given was fraudulent codes being used. Sorry guys.
(2 months ago) matt said:
any 20 off 100 code?
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Can I get the Lowe's coupon please? mydeals77@yahoo.com

(2 months ago) where do we find a 10% Lowes ? said:
(2 months ago) Trolls said:
God Damn Trolls Up In This Chat
(2 months ago) Hey NH said:
You don't know squat
(2 months ago) Dennis said:
Need a 10% off coupon please dpete56121@aol.com
(2 months ago) NewHampshire said:
Very few of us apparently "gins". Brian doesn't want it ruined like the last time so he is being very selective as to who gets it. I promised I wouldn't share so I won't. Sorry buddy
(2 months ago) Somu said:
Mr. Brian ... Can you please share the algorithm with me, if possible, at tandon16pt@gmail.com... Thanks in advance.
(2 months ago) gins said:
Has anyone actually gotten the algorithm?
(2 months ago) vsr said:
lowes 20 off 100 online coupone?
(2 months ago) Sona said:
How do I get a 10% code?
(2 months ago) Ling said:
Brian Scalabrini, can you email me about getting the algorithm? yayatoday@gmail.com Thank you.

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